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Co-Op Programs in Canada

inlingua Victoria Co-op programs provide students with a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience in Canada while furthering their academic studies. Through these programs, students can immerse themselves in Canadian work culture and develop essential professional skills that will bolster their career prospects.

By participating in a Co-op program, students not only earn a competitive income during the course of their work placements, but also enhance their classroom learning experiences by applying their theoretical knowledge in real-world situations. In addition, these programs give students access to a broad network of Canadian employers and professionals, enabling the possibility of future job opportunities and fostering professional relationships. By integrating academic excellence with hands-on work experience, inlingua Victoria Co-op programs help students to build a solid foundation for a successful future in their chosen field.



Our Work & Study Programs

Professional Business Skills Certificate Program with Co-Op

54 week program

inlingua Victoria’s Professional Business Skills Certificate Program allows students to gain Canadian work experience as well as a PTIB accredited Diploma from the college. Students will develop a solid understanding of communication and other skills necessary for success in a business environment, learn from industry professionals and instructors, and have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice through hands-on training and work experience.

Hospitality And Service Management Diploma Program with Co-Op

54 week program

This 54-week PTIB registered program offers students the opportunity to gain valuable Canadian work experience in the hospitality and service industry, as well as obtain a diploma upon successful completion. During the course of this program, participants will benefit from learning from industry professionals and instructors, receiving classroom instruction on topics such as room division management, financial management, marketing and sales, human resources, food and beverage management and food safety.


What Our Students Say

{Talking about inlingua is so easy! I love this place and all the teachers and classmates (from different countries and cultures). I’m very happy to be studying English here. The school is so nice and near beautiful downtown Victoria. I recommend studying at inlingua and experiencing this amazing place. Thanks for everything, inlingua!
{inlingua is like my home. The classrooms and lounge are comfortable. Everyone who works at inlingua is awesome! The school activities are also good. They have many sports and speaking activities. They also have an English Only Policy which allowed me to speak English better. I really love inlingua!
{I made unforgettable memories at inlingua. I really liked spending lots of time with classmates. I also love my teachers since they taught me useful grammar skills. If I have more time in the future, I will come back to inlingua. I love it here!
Pi Leng (Elsa)
{My experience at inlingua was amazing. At inlingua I learned a lot of things not only from my teachers, but also from my classmates. I improved my English with my friends from inlingua and my teachers gave me the skills. Thank you inlingua!
{Even after years of teaching experience, I found the inlingua course to be really beneficial; it gives you a great background on the theory and methods of TESL, and a great framework for creating effective lessons.
mystery person
{I like the teachers here. My favourite part is the classroom and the teacher- he is very funny and the class is never boring.
Saudi Arabia
{I think inlingua is the best language school in Victoria. All the teachers are friendly. They always organize awesome activities. If you are looking for a language school, you have to sign up for inlingua NOW! I love inlingua!
Goanik (Nick)
South Korea
{I had some amazing teachers who taught me a lot of different techniques and it has helped improve my practice in the classroom.
mystery person