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Become a Host Family

Staying in Victoria

inlingua Victoria College of Languages is fortunate to have our very own in-house Homestay Coordinator, Satomi Ishino!

  • Private rooms and shared rooms
  • Close and easy commute to downtown
  • Services across Canada
  • Meet Canadians, challenge yourself in new ways
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Practice your English in the real world
  • Fast, professional, and personalized
  • Experience the real Canadian lifestyle
  • Friendly, warm, and caring homestays
  • Live in beautiful Victoria, BC
  • Make long-lasting friendships
  • Experience Canada’s multiculturalism and Canadian culture!

We guarantee your stay to be a language and cultural learning adventure! As we know, Homestay is much more than a place to sleep and eat. We want our students integrating and involving themselves with their Canadian hosts, to get the most out of the homestay and language learning experience.


We know that this is your home away from home, and that homestay is one of the most important aspects of your entire experience abroad. Your homestay family is as interested in learning about you and your culture, as you are about them and theirs. Remember that Satomi and Jessie, your personal Homestay and Student Residence Coordinator and Assistant, are always available for you to talk to, to get advice from, and to answer all your homestay concerns.

To get the most out of your homestay experience, We recommend you spend time with your family. Accept and adapt to the different way of living, and participate in the families’ different activities. Use your English as much as possible.

Speak, Speak, Speak! Homestay is more than accommodation: it’s a life experience!

Benefits of Hosting An International Student

In an increasingly interconnected world, the opportunity to host an international student in your home can be a transformative experience. Opening your doors and welcoming a student from a different country provides numerous benefits not only to the student but also...

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Why Homestay?

All inlingua Victoria homestays are inspected by our team to ensure our standards of top quality, cleanliness, and comfort are always met. Homestays are also selected with convenience and safety in mind. Families are located a short distance away from the downtown core and we check the families’ criminal records and get to know them before we match you to a family! All homes provide internet free of charge so you can stay in touch with family and friends conveniently at no additional expense. Since Canada is a multicultural country, you will get to meet other students from all over the world and experience not only Canadian culture, but other cultures as well. Many students who have lived with a host family stay connected with the family for years. Staying with a host family can create long-lasting friendships and improve your everyday English skills! Come join the ranks of the many thousands before who have experienced living and studying in beautiful Victoria!

Homestay Fees

Accommodation - Single Room

Homestay Placement Fee $250
Homestay Replacement Fee $195

Adult Homestay
19 years and older

September to May: $250 per week ($37 per extra night)

June to August: $275 per week ($40 per extra night)

Minor Homestay
18 years and under

September to May: $275 per week ($42 per extra night)

June to August: $300 per week and ($43 per extra night)


Accommodation - Shared Room

Homestay Placement Fee $250
Homestay Replacement Fee $195

Adult Homestay
19 years and older

September to May: $225 per week ($33 per extra night)

June to August: $250 per week ($37 per extra night)

Minor Homestay
18 years and under

September to May: $250 per week ($37 per extra night)

June to August: $275 per week ($42 per extra night)


Accommodation Alternatives

Other Options for Living in Victoria

Victoria is a beautiful city to live in. As inlingua Victoria does not have student residences, on-campus housing or dormitories, most students live in Homestay. Other options are:

Off-campus apartments: Victoria also has a wide range of apartments and houses for rent off-campus. This can be a good option for students who are looking for more independence and privacy. Many of these rentals come furnished and utilities included.

Hostels: Hostels are another affordable option for students. These are dormitory-style accommodations with shared bathrooms and common areas. Hostels typically have a communal kitchen and lounge area, and some even offer private rooms.

Hotels: For students who prefer more luxurious accommodation, Victoria has a variety of hotels and resorts that offer comfortable and modern amenities. These can be more expensive than other options, but can be a good choice for students who prefer more privacy or want to be closer to downtown Victoria.

Regardless of your choice, it is important to research and compare different options to find the one that best suits your needs and budget. It’s also important to book early, as accommodations fill up quickly during the school year.

Renting in Victoria
Students who live off-campus are generally renting an apartment, condo, basement suite or room in a shared house. Shared accommodations (with roommates) will usually have lower costs as expenses are shared. Rental accommodation prices range from $900 to over $2,000 per month.

Temporary Accommodation
Where can I stay once I arrive in Canada?

Please visit Tourism Victoria or Hello BC for detailed information about Victoria hotels.

Please note that some Victoria hotels offer special rates for long-stays of one week, one month, one semester or longer. You can ask hotels if they have special rates for “long-stay” or “extended stay”.

Private short-term accommodation
These include vacation rentals, sublets, private rooms, bed and breakfasts. There are several Victoria residents who rent a room or suite in their homes for short-term visitors. Some websites that list this type of accommodation include:

  1. Airbnb
  2. VRBO
  4. Places 4 students

Some international students prefer to stay in inexpensive accommodation offered at hostels.

Please Note:
inlingua Victoria does not have student dormitories.
Students are responsible for upholding the standards of the community, including adherence to city bylaws regarding issues like parking, noise, waste disposal and collection, and community safety.
inlingua Victoria does not assume any responsibility for agreements made between students and landlords.
Disclaimer: The external links on this page are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by inlingua Victoria of any of the products, services or opinions of the corporation or organization or individual. inlingua Victoria bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content.

Become a Host Family

Becoming a host family for homestay with inlingua Victoria is a unique and rewarding opportunity as it allows you to welcome international students into your home, creating lasting friendships and sharing the Canadian way of life. As a host family, you play a crucial role in offering a supportive environment for the students as they embark on their language learning adventure.

inlingua Victoria carefully selects Canadian host families based on their ability to provide a safe, comfortable, and caring atmosphere where students can fully immerse themselves in the English language and Canadian culture. By welcoming students into your daily routines, conversations, and customs, you help them broaden their horizons, enhance their language skills and enrich their cultural understanding. In return, you and your family gain insight into diverse cultures and perspectives, fostering global connections and mutual respect.

As a respected educational institution, inlingua Victoria ensures that host families receive ongoing support and assistance to provide the best experience for both students and hosts, making this journey an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if my English level is too low- how will I communicate with my host family?

Our host families are very experienced and understanding, so your English level should not be a problem. However, some of the hosts speak other languages, and we could match you with the family who speaks your language.

I have allergies. Can I still do homestay?

Yes, we can find a family who can accommodate your needs and understand that you have allergies. .

I’m a celiac/ vegetarian/ vegan/ pescatarian /lactose-intolerant etc. Can I still do homestay?

Of course! We can find a family who is understanding and accommodating towards your dietary needs.

I practice a religion in which I need to attend a church/ synagogue/ mosque/ temple etc. Where can I go?

Your host family will be understanding and there are many places of worship in Greater Victoria and the surrounding areas.

Will I be picked up from the airport?

Yes! Your host family or our school staff can help you to get to your homestay.

How will I get to school?

You can take buses to get to school. Our school is in the heart of downtown Victoria, so it is very easy to get here!

Will my homestay have internet?

Yes, your host family will provide Wi-Fi at no expense.

Will I live by myself or will there be another student in the house?

This depends on the host family. You could be staying by yourself, or you could have another student. There may also be host family members who are around your age!

What do I do if there is an issue with my host family?

If you have questions or problems, you can always talk to our homestay coordinator.