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Become a Host Family

Becoming a host family for homestay with inlingua Victoria is a unique and rewarding opportunity as it allows you to welcome international students into your home, creating lasting friendships and sharing the Canadian way of life. As a host family, you play a crucial role in offering a supportive environment for the students as they embark on their language learning adventure.

inlingua Victoria carefully selects Canadian host families based on their ability to provide a safe, comfortable, and caring atmosphere where students can fully immerse themselves in the English language and Canadian culture. By welcoming students into your daily routines, conversations, and customs, you help them broaden their horizons, enhance their language skills and enrich their cultural understanding. In return, you and your family gain insight into diverse cultures and perspectives, fostering global connections and mutual respect.

As a respected educational institution, inlingua Victoria ensures that host families receive ongoing support and assistance to provide the best experience for both students and hosts, making this journey an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Why become a homestay family?

Do you want to welcome an international student into Canada and into your home? Becoming a host family is a great way to help someone in need of a place to stay while studying as well as a chance to learn about other cultures and languages. You can enjoy spending time with your student(s) by eating dinner together, going to parks, beaches, or board game cafes or you can just enjoy game nights and movie nights at home! If you have children at home, your student(s) can spend time with them and expose them to new cultures! It’s an enriching experience not only for the student, but also for your whole family.


We all need to work together to create a more positive and welcoming world for youth and future generations. If you’d like to earn some money, welcome someone to Victoria, and share your culture and home with an international student, then apply to become a host family today!

Benefits of Hosting An International Student

In an increasingly interconnected world, the opportunity to host an international student in your home can be a transformative experience. Opening your doors and welcoming a student from a different country provides numerous benefits not only to the student but also...


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a host/ host family?

First, you apply on our website. Then, we will visit your place to take photos of the rooms and shared areas of your home. If your place is approved by our homestay coordinator, we will ask for a criminal record check. After, you will sign the contract and we will match you with student(s) based on your profile!

I’m interested in hosting in the future. Can I just be added to the list?

Yes, we can make a file for you and contact you when there are students who are looking for homestays. If you’re not available, you can ignore the email or reply with a time that works better for you.

How do I know when there are students who are looking for homestays?

We send regular emails and make phone calls when we need homestay families. You can reply to the emails/voicemails or give us a call when you are available to host!

Would I get financial compensation for hosting?

Yes, we will let you know the details of how much per week/month!

I know someone who wants to become a host family. Can I refer them to you?

Yes, that would be great! If you refer someone to us and they become a host family, then you will receive $50 for referring someone!

I’m not a great cook. Do I have to cook all three meals every day? What if they’re vegetarian?

No, you do not have to cook all three meals. Breakfasts can be self-serve (cereals, oatmeal, toast etc.) and lunches can even be leftovers from the night before. All we ask is for you to eat dinner with your student(s)! If you are unable to host a vegetarian student, then we will match you with non-vegetarian students.

I have pets. Is that okay?

Of course! Tell us what kind of pet(s) you have, and we will match you with student(s) who do not have pet allergies or any issues with pets.

Can I host more than one student in my house?

Of course! If you have the room(s), the more the merrier!

I don’t want to be a babysitter. Can I host mature/older students only?

Yes, you can host older students (18+) or chaperones who accompany the students.

Can I say I prefer male or female students?

Yes, we can make a note of your preference in your file as well as match you with a student who fits your preferences.

Do I have to pick my student(s) up from the airport?

Some students request to be picked up from the airport or the ferry terminal and some make their own trip. If you are not available for pick up, our school staff can pick up the student(s).

Do I have to drive them to school?

No, students can take the bus but if the bus stop is far away from your place, it would be great if you could drive them to the bus stop!

What do I do if there is an issue with my student(s)?

If there are any issues, please let us know at or call us at 778-817-1083. You can also talk to our homestay coordinator at the school who is available to talk anytime!