World Language Courses*

We are currently offering Private Lessons. Please contact us for details.

Our World Language Courses are taught using the exclusive inlingua method. The method allows students to speak their target language, practice the language and progress very quickly. Over 500,000 students learn languages with us every year at inlingua campuses worldwide. You will improve your grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking skills and will become accurate, fluent and confident in your abilities. Classes are always fun, engaging and interactive.

Key Features of the inlingua Method

  • An emphasis on oral communication
  • A carefully programmed progression of language
  • A high level of learner participation
  • A systematic and comprehensive approach to language practice
  • At inlingua Victoria the World Language Courses are tuned to the needs of students and are developed to meet each student’s individual learning needs
  • We assess each learner’s current capabilities, goals and learning style in order to develop a program that best meets his or her needs

Experienced and Engaging Teachers

  • We have exceptional teachers who are highly qualified native speakers and have been extensively trained in the inlingua method
  • We only hire teachers that have a passion for teaching, love being around students, and know how to make your classroom experience amazing.

A Social Experience

  • Our classes are dynamic, fun and interactive
  • We have social and cultural events at the school

Our Beautiful Campus

  • Our campus is beautiful, modern and contemporary
  • We are located in the heart of the city on Government Street
  • We offer free wi-fi, seating areas, kitchen, computer lab and a stunning lounge

40 Years Experience at the Heart of Language Learning

  • The leading name in language learning acquisition for over 40 years in 4 continents and in almost 400 schools worldwide

* We also offer private lessons – Please contact us for details