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abby1The inlingua Victoria, University and College Pathway Program will help International Students gain entrance into a Canadian University or College. Our Pathway Program will provide students with fluency, written English skills and the necessary post-secondary skills such as note taking, time management, oral presentations, critical thinking, lecture comprehension, research skills and academic discussion skills that will prepare you for academic success once you are attending your University or College of your choice. Upon successful completion of our Pathway Program you will gain entrance to one of our partner Universities and Colleges.

inlingua Victoria University Pathways Guide May 2014

University Pathway inlingua Victoria - May 2014


Why Choose inlingua Victoria University Pathway Program

inlingua International is one of the largest language providers in the world, inlingua uses a network of almost 400 schools worldwide offering language programs for over 40 years on 4 continents. inlingua Victoria is part of this huge network of colleges and it is for this reason that we can offer our students the options and opportunities that they desire. When you arrive at inlingua Victoria you will receive academic counseling to assess your English level and discuss your career and educational goals. Based on your needs and level students and their counselors will create an academic plan to meet their personal objectives. With the language and study skills you gain through inlingua’s University Pathway Program, you will have a strong foundation for achieving academic success in any post-secondary program.

Free inlingua University Pathway Program Career Counseling

We have a dedicated Pathway Counselor on staff who acts as a support for pathway students and their overseas advisors by providing the necessary support and guidance through the enrollment process as well as helping students choose the Canadian university or college that is right for them. Once students commence the course, the Counselor meets with them on a regular basis to check on progress, concerns or questions and provides updates on the student’s pathway institution. Your Pathway Counselor also acts as a liaison between students and their agents and our partner institutions ensuring that the students are well prepared for post secondary studies at the end of their English courses. With training and a thorough knowledge of our partner institutions’ programs and requirements, our Pathway Counselor will ensure all details are taken care of and information is disseminated accurately and efficiently. Inlingua’s Career Counselor has over 25 years of experience in post secondary education and has both a Canadian Bachelor’s Degree as well as a Master Degree from the USA.

Conditional Letter of Acceptance is Issued upon Registration

A conditional letter of acceptance from the partner post-secondary institution of your choice will be provided to you upon successful registration into the inlingua University and College Pathway Program.

Connected with your University Pathway Institution

inlingua Victoria wants to ensure that you become comfortable with the programs and policies of your college or university that you have chosen. Your Pathways Counselor will keep you feeling confident and in control by connecting you with your college or university from the onset of your English studies at inlingua Victoria through information or orientation sessions, which could include campus tours and presentations by visiting representatives of your chosen post secondary institution.

University and College Programs Available:

  • Undergraduate Bachelor Degrees
  • MBA and Masters Degrees
  • College Diplomas
  • Graduate Degrees
  • Post Graduate Diplomas


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University Pathways Flyer With Details – 2014


Get More information on Stage 2 of the Program – English for Academic Purposes HERE.


inlingua University Pathway Program Pre-Degree Start Dates

You can begin your Pathway Program on Every Second Monday (please see calendar for exact dates)

inlingua Victoria’s University and College Pathway Institution Partners:


Steps to your Success with inlingua Victoria University Pathway Program

  1. You will be able to transfer directly into our partner institutions upon your successful completion of inlingua’s Pre-Degree University Pathway Program.
  2. You will get the preparation for academic success in a University or College
  3. You will get a letter of acceptance from inlingua Victoria and a conditional letter of acceptance from your chosen University or College.
  4. You will get Free University or College placement services.
  5. You can take our Free online test in order to plan for your study period as often as you need to.,/span>
  6. You can start your University or College Pathway program on any Monday.
  7. inlingua Victoria gives you Free Academic Counseling with inlingua’s owner Thaddeus Monckton.
  8. inlingua Victoria also offers you concierge services to assist you with all your academic, housing, social and personal needs while you area studying at inlingua Victoria.




This program is designed for International ESL Middle and High School students who have already been enrolled in, or who are registered to begin courses in a public or private Middle or Secondary School program in British Columbia. The course content and curriculum are as follows and they help prepare students for success in their new public or private middle and high school programs.

Introduction to the Canadian High School System:

  • Test Preparation
  • Writing Skills
  • Essay Writing
  • Research Skills
  • Novel Studies
  • Science
  • Vocabulary
  • Mathematics
  • Canadian Studies
  • World Studies
  • Geography
  • Internet/Email
  • Study Skills
  • Reading Skills
  • Physical Education
  • Language
  • Arts
  • Time Management