The inlingua Method

1. Lessons are taught in the target language only
Trainers encourage learners to start thinking and speaking in the target language from the first lesson.

2. Learn through speaking
Books are closed for most of the lesson and learners are given the opportunity to speak as much as possible.

3. Exemplify rather than explain
Learners learn better if they induce rules for themselves from examples rather than try to memorize rules they are told.

4. Get the learners doing the talking
Learners need practice.

5. Get the atmosphere right
Different classes need different approaches; adopt a flexible approach.

6. Handle learners’ language mistakes with care
Trainers know exactly the form and timing of correction according to the stages of the lesson.

7. Check before you teach new language
Trainers will find out if learners already know something before they teach it.

8. Give learners opportunities to experiment
Learners need to be creative with new language, to express their own ideas.

9. Variety in teaching
Wide variety of techniques achieve effective and enjoyable classes.

10. Three key techniques
Ask questions, have learners weave new language, and keep the student books closed during the lesson.

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