Meet the Team

Teachers at inlingua Victoria are experienced and engaging! They are all highly qualified native English speakers, and are TESL-certified. Our teachers are also extensively trained in the inlingua Method and are passionate about teaching and education – they truly provide an amazing classroom experience for our students.



Adrian originates from Edmonton, but has lived mostly in Victoria or Vancouver, and in UK as a child (he has two passports). He completed his TESL training (Cambridge CELTA) in 2013. Before that, he worked for the pharmaceutical industry in clinical trials! He loves teaching English and meeting people from other countries. Adrian enjoys watching films, drawing, eating, travelling, running, and working out at the gym.

Adrian's language tip: "Always pronounce the "s" at the end of plural nouns (for example, "I own two cars") or 3rd person singular simple present verbs (for example, "He cooks and she eats") and you will sound more like a native speaker immediately!"

Brennan has a Bachelor's Degree in Arts with honours in Psychology, and also has his TEFL Certification. He has taught in China as well as Eastern Canada (Nova Scotia). Brennan's hobbies are playing guitar, riding his bike around Victoria, and watching horror movies!

Brennan's English learning tip is: "Have an open mind and be ready to try, even if you're apprehensive. Our school environment is very supportive and we will help to guide you".

Cara is from the interior of British Columbia, Canada, and she graduated from the University of Victoria. She also has her TESL Certification. Cara enjoys hiking and camping! She wants to travel more abroad, but loves to travel and explore Vancouver Island in her free time.

Cara's English learning tip is: "Don't be afraid to speak, and ask as many questions as you need to."

Karen has a Bachelor degree in Child Study and Education, as well as a Certificate in Adult Education and TESL. Karen has taught ESL on the east and west coasts of Canada for 19 years. Her favourite places she’s traveled are The Badlands of South Dakota, The Rockies, and Boston. Karen is also an accomplished artist!

If Karen had one tip for you when learning a new language, she would say, “Make friends from different countries so that when you get together, the only language you have in common is English! You'll get more practice this way!”

Lee has a B.A. in Applied Linguistics, as well as his TESL Canada Certification and IELTS Certification. He has taught in China and in Canada. Lee would say his favourite places he’s travelled to are Bei Jing, Hang Zhou, Yun Nan! In his free time, Lee enjoys body building, power lifting, softball, photography, and brewing beer.

Lee’s language learning tip is: “Put post-it notes on objects around your house to remember their names.”

Maha has Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics (TESL), Bachelor’s degree in English, and a TESL Canada certificate. Since the beginning of her professional career, Maha has worked in many places both overseas and in Canada. Among all the courses that she has taught, she likes the IELTS the best because it offers unlimited opportunities for students to work, immigrate, and pursue their higher studies, not only in Canada, but also in other English speaking countries. When she is not teaching, Maha usually reads or tries to improve her cooking skills.

Maha's tip for students is: "Look at any challenge as a door that when opens will get you one step closer to achieving your goal."


David Stephen Simpson completed his Masters of Arts in Film Directing at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, graduated 2014. In addition, he has a Business Degree and is a CELTA TESOL certified teacher. David has traveled to over 30 countries and has lived in Korea, Japan, Scotland, and South America. David is originally from eastern Canada and is now residing in Victoria, British Columbia.

Teaching Tip: Go to as many social events as you can where you are the only person from your own country in the room.

Tracey has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations (University of British Columbia), Criminology (Kwantlen Polytechnic University), and a TESL Teaching Certificate (Greystone College). She’s done English volunteer work in Eastern Europe. Her favourite travel experiences have been to France, the UK, Eastern Europe, and Hawaii. She also enjoys exploring beautiful BC on summer road trips! Her hobbies are cooking, gardening, reading, and dancing. Her interests are in performing arts, languages, and history.

Tracey’s advice to English learners: "Get out, see the city, make friends, try new things, and ask questions!"
Mike really enjoys teaching at inlingua because it's a very positive working environment and his students and colleagues are all great people. He has a bachelor’s degree in English, 2 teaching certificates and 20 years of teaching experience both in Canada and abroad. In his spare time, he loves playing music and exercising.




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