English for Academic Purposes

The course is designed to prepare students for entering a post-secondary institution. The primary focus is on academic reading and writing skills. The modules include: note-taking, sentence structure, paragraphs, research, essay format, report format, power point presentations, referencing, test taking, study skills and time management. Daily lessons include grammar and vocabulary building as well as the writing/reading skills. Students will be using a variety of authentic texts and writing samples at the appropriate level.

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Course Selection

Monday to Thursday 9am – 2:45pm

Friday 9am – 1:45pm

Entrance Requirements
EAP 1: Level 5 General English or IELTS score of 4.5

EAP 2: Completion of EAP 1 or IELTS score of 5.5

Start Date
Please contact inlingua Victoria for start dates.

Course Length
12 weeks per each level


EAP 1 – Academic Foundations

  • Study Skills and Planning
  • Reading and Review
  • Presentation Skills
  • Research Papers

EAP 2 – Academic Preparation

  • Study Skills and Critical Thinking
  • Reading and Review
  • Writing and Review
  • Presentations and Debate
  • Research Papers

Program Outline

Focus on Writing: An intensive English language program that focuses on improving writing skills for academic purposes through assigned projects (presentations, articles, essays, reports, & exams).

Writing Workshop: Includes vocabulary building and short writing assignments to improve overall writing skills.

How is this Program different from a general ESL program?

What are the Academic Writing Needs?

What to Expect in Academic Writing:

What to Expect in Academic Reading:

What to Expect in Academic Listening:

What to Expect in Academic Speaking: