About our Programs

  • inlingua is committed to small classes. The smaller the group, the more you talk, the faster you learn a language.
  • We offer separate programs for juniors, teenagers and adults.
  • Each classroom is equipped with the latest technology, and offers lounge type arrangements for real comfort and pleasure.
  • The courses offered are tuned to the needs of students and are developed to meet each student’s individual learning needs. We assess each learner’s current capabilities, goals and learning style in order to develop a program that best meets his or her needs.
  • Courses are designed to suit different learning environments from individualized personal instruction or group instruction to intensive crash courses and diploma courses as well as problem-focused tutoring.


ProgramHours Per WeekDescription
General EnglishIntensive: 30
Full Time: 24
Part Time: 9 or 15
-For learners of all levels
-Covers skills in grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening
Youth CampsSummer Youth: 20
Winter Youth: 20
-For ages 10-15
-English is taught in the classroom as well as during activities to engage young students with their learning
English for Academic Purposes (EAP)24-Prepares students for post-secondary education
-Focuses on academic reading and writing skills
-Optional Pathway Program to partnered colleges and universities
IELTS Exam PreparationFull Time: 24
Part Time: 6
-Guarantees a higher IELTS Exam score
-Prepares students for their exam by going over strategies, language exercises, and practice tests
Professional Business English 24
-For students at a higher level of proficiency
-Geared towards those who need to perfect their English for business purposes
TESL Certification30-Training to certify you to teach English anywhere around the world
-Includes 100 hours of intensive and comprehensive instruction in ESL methodologies, lesson planning, resources and job search skills
-Recognized and Approved by TESL Canada.
Hospitality and Service Management Diploma Program30-Receive a Diploma in Hospitality and Service Management by completing this 26-week program!
-Registered by PTIB.

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