Professional Business English Courses

For many reasons, including the globalization of the business world, it is becoming more and more essential for all professionals to be able to facilitate discussions in English. The Professional Business English Course is specifically designed for students who want to improve their ability to present, discuss and negotiate successfully in English in a professional business setting.

This course begins at an upper intermediate level of proficiency, and is geared towards those who need to perfect their English for professional purposes including the ability to negotiate successfully in English. The materials focus on professional communication skills, and are based on real-world companies and issues, making the lessons both relevant and applicable. This course will also use tablet technology throughout. Modules in the Professional Business English Course include:

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  • Business Ideas
  • Business Writing
  • Types of companies
  • Selling
  • Presentations
  • Products
  • Management
  • Advertising
  • Money


“My name is Alma Duriez, and my experience in inlingua has been amazing. It was taking the business class and it is simply impressive how much you can get to learn when you are surrounded by people from all over the world clarifying and even completely changing the idea that you have about other countries. Every single person here has been as helpful as possible, and even not being my direct classmates or teachers, I’ve got a lot of priceless knowledge from them. I’ve earned amazing friends and an incomparable experience for life.”

-Alma, Mexico

Download the Flyer for Professional Business English


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