inlingua Victoria and the inlingua Method

At inlingua Victoria our students learn primarily through the inlingua method.  Although communication and speaking are prioritized, students take classes that help develop their grammar, reading and writing skills.

The inlingua Method

iStock_000018076345LargeSpeaking and communication is emphasized, learners concentrate on developing their oral competence.

inlingua language teachers ensure that learners experience the presentation, practice and production stages in sequence. Within each stage a wide range of different training techniques and activities are used to keep training sessions interesting and motivating.


  • The presentation stage is as brief as possible. At this stage, the teacher is in control and the focus of attention. The teacher introduces new language to the learners, making the meaning clear and giving examples of use. Accurate pronunciation and intonation are established. The teacher uses questions to involve learners in the process.


  • The practice stage involves learners using the target language introduced during the presentation stage in a controlled manner, guided by the teacher. The aim is for learners to form correct sentences using the target language. The teacher’s task is to get the learners to speak by prompting and directing them. All mistakes in the target language are corrected. Teacher’s aim to get all the learners producing the new language automatically with as few mistakes and as little hesitation as possible.


  • The activities here give learners more control over what they say and how they say it. The production stage allows learners to use the language in a more creative way: combining new information with old, talking about themselves, acting out situations, expressing opinions, solving problems etc.  The goal is on using language meaningfully rather than simply repeating it.