To get the most out of your homestay experience spend time with your family, accept and adapt to the different way of living, use your English as much as possible, participate in the families’ different activities and have fun!

Student Testimonies

Student:  Dal Bo Maraldi Sabrina,

Home Country: Brazil

From: March 5th –  April 2nd 2017

Homestay: Dawn Harris

Testimony: “Dawn was extremely kind, helpful and lovely. She treated me like a real daughter. I will never forget the time together”


Students: Ramirez Stanford Jaime Andres and David Emmanuel

Home Country: Mexico

From: June 25th – August 13, 2017

Homestay: Marie & Valdez, Martin Edgar Isaac

Testimony: “Staying with our homestay family was the best part of our time in Canada an it is what we miss the most”




Student: Kovaleva Galina

Home Country: Russia

From: June 25th – August 6, 2017

Homestay: Ruth Stokes

Testimony: “I want to say thanks to my homestay for her attention, understanding and care. I have learned a lot of Canadian lifestyle and traditions with her.”



Student: Liu Jingyun

Home Country: China

From: July 2nd – September 3, 2017

Homestay: Kelm, Amelita & Boorman, Steve

Testimony: “I really enjoyed my time with my homestay. She always did a lot of interesting activities, she was always kind and tried to help me ”



Student: Yamauchi, Junko

Home Country: Japan

From: January 14th – July 1st, 2017

Homestay: Bridget Hughes Family

Testimony: “My host mother was awesome. She was very kind , always helped me and she made delicious meals. I had an amazing time with my host mother.”




Please feel free to contact our Homestay Coordinator, Vincent, with any questions or to apply to become a Homestay Family!

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