Experience the Culture with Homestay!

Are you nervous about studying and living in a new country?  A homestay might be the easiest way for you to adapt a new culture.

4815843665_1f6330d395_oWhy should I do a homestay?

Homestays can be a rewarding experience and present an great opportunity for real cultural exchange.  By living with locals, homestays can provide a more authentic cultural experience.   A homestay can present an opportunity to experience the realities of daily life in your new country.  Hosts will probably cook you local food and your host family members can be your personal tour guides and may provide you tips and advice on surviving in your new environment.

Living with a homestay will force you to use the language with native speakers in a relaxing setting.  Your adopted family can help you practice your language skills, which will definitely make exploring the city and meeting new people less scary.

full_4inlingua Victoria College of Languages only works with reputable and top quality families that will provide you with a memorable experience while studying.

  • Homestays are selected with convenience in mind.  Families are located usually about 15 minutes from downtown.
  • All homes provide free internet.
  • Homestays are must meet our high standards for cleanliness and comfort.