Vacation English Programs

These programs are Vacation Programs that are designed and intended for the purposes of travel and tourism.

Choose from General English, Summer Youth Camp, and World Languages!



General English Courses

The General English Courses are designed for learners of all levels and have an emphasis on speaking, communication and a high level of learner participation. The goal is to improve your accuracy and fluency as you move up the levels from beginner to advanced plus. These courses will…

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Summer Youth Camps

The Summer Youth Camp is designed for students between 10 years and 15 years of age and all abilities who want to improve their English skills. Students in this program will find that their English improves quickly and their confidence in speaking grows with each passing day. It is held during the months of…

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World Languages

Our World Language Courses are taught using the exclusive inlingua method. The method allows students to speak their target language, practice the language and progress very quickly. Over 500,000 students learn languages with us every year at inlingua campuses worldwide. You will improve your…

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