Inlingua Victoria Language School

Thank you for visiting Inlingua Language College located in beautiful, safe, exciting Victoria, British Columbia Canada. Victoria is the jewel of the west coast of Canada. Our newly renovated and modern college is located right in the heart of downtown Victoria within minutes of shopping, restaurants, historical sites, nightlife, the city harbour and wonderful pacific ocean exploration.

inlingua Victoria is proud to be a member of the inlingua International Schools of Languages, with more than 345 language schools around the world. The inlingua method of language training has been perfected over 40 years of experience. Over half a million amazing students learn English and other languages with us every year.

We have a very smart, friendly and active team that regularly hosts parties and travel for our students. You will be sure to make many friends here while learning English or one of the many other language options.

Please contact us today to explore your options. Have a wonderful day!

Welcome to inlingua Victoria

WE INVITE YOU to become a part of a very special college. Flexible, dynamic, and lively learning to challenge and engage, we prepare our students for an ever changing, exciting world. It is our pleasure to introduce you to our school. With a long, proud history of innovation and excellence in language training, we strive for the highest standards in language training, facilities and teachers, bringing world class courses to our college. Choosing a language school is an exciting time for you and your family. We encourage you to come and experience read more

Why Choose Victoria as your Study Destination?

inlingua Victoria College of Languages is located in the heart of  downtown Victoria Canada surrounded by cafes, restaurants and various tourist attractions.  Having all the conveniences of a large city but the friendly atmosphere of a small town Victoria has become an ideal holiday destination for many travellers.

Victoria Chinatown is the oldest Chinatown in Canada!


Whether you decide bike through Beacon Hill Park, enjoy the food in Chinatown or shopping in Downtown, there are many activities for students.  With a great history and a diverse population there is something... read more

Learn English and other Languages

  • Learn English with Specialized Courses
  • Many Elective Courses to Choose From
  • Specialized English Courses such as Test Preparation
  • Professional Business English Courses
  • Summer Youth English Courses
  • University and High School Pathway Courses
  • Study and Work Courses
  • World Language Courses
  • inlingua iOnline learning
  • Sports with English Courses
... read more

inlingua Victoria and the inlingua Method

At inlingua Victoria our students learn primarily through the inlingua method.  Although communication and speaking are prioritized, students take classes that help develop their grammar, reading and writing skills.

The inlingua Method

Speaking and communication is emphasized, learners concentrate on developing their oral competence.

inlingua language teachers ensure that learners experience the presentation, practice and production stages in sequence. Within each stage a wide range of different training techniques and activities are used to keep training sessions interesting and motivating.


  • The presentation stage is as brief as possible. At this stage, the teacher... read more

Experience the Culture with Homestay!

Are you nervous about studying and living in a new country?  A homestay might be the easiest way for you to adapt a new culture.

Why should I do a homestay?

Homestays can be a rewarding experience and present an great opportunity for real cultural exchange.  By living with locals, homestays can provide a more authentic cultural experience.   A homestay can present an opportunity to experience the realities of daily life in your new country.  Hosts will probably cook you local food and your host family members can be your personal... read more

Why Students Choose inlingua Victoria to Study English in Canada

  • Perfect place to Study English In Canada
  • Powerful and effective method for learning English as a Second Language (ESL) and other world languages, including French, German, Japanese and many others
  • Located in Beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada
  • Waterfront campus with a rooftop patio
  • Private inlingua parties and events and activities
  • Free Conversation Clubs on Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Member of the World-Wide inlingua ESL network
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Victoria Real Estate - Students and Families Make Victoria Their Home

Victoria is a wonderful city, an incredible place to call home and a great investment.  We have so many wonderful parks, we are surrounded by beautiful ocean, amazing historic sites and endless things to do, whether you are all about sports, shopping, or just sightseeing.

Thaddeus Monckton is well-established RE/MAX Professional and a realtor that knows Victoria extremely well.  Together with Andrew Libera at Victoria’s Best Mortgage they are now offering the students of inlingua Language College and their families a personal guided tour of... read more

The University Pathway Program

Hate Tests? Let us be your pathway to success at university!

What is the University Pathway Program?

It’s a language program that will allow you to learn English and gain all the necessary skills to be accepted and succeed in a university or college.  Also when you are finished your studies at inlingua Victoria you can enter university without having to take the IELTS or TOEFL test!

Let inlingua Victoria be your gateway to a great education!

Why should I study the University Pathway Program at inlingua Victoria?

  • Our University Pathway program is effective.
  • It... read more

ESL - Learn English in Canada

The Inlingua Victoria ESL program efficiently develops a full range of English Language skills from beginner to advanced levels.  The ESL, (English as a Second Language) program is a complete program including speaking, listening, reading and writing in addition to in-depth studies of grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.  Communicating and conversing effectively in English in the primary goal of the ESL Program.

... read more